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REMINDER: 1 Month Remaining!

Hey, bet you didn’t expect to see us back so soon! Unless you know, you read the journals I guess... Contest theme is simple: Twinning. For those not familiar, Twinning is a term used for TF where a person/character is turned into an exact or near-exact copy of another one.

The start date is April 2nd and the end date is May 14th

For this contest we will be accepting both mental and non-mental changes in two different categories. Also this time around writing and art entries will be accepted into separate categories as well resulting in a total of four categories.

  1. Art With Mental Change

  2. Art Without Mental Change

  3. Writing With Mental Change

  4. Writing Without Mental Change

This may be a bit confusing but we now have a Discord to more easily provide clarification and support:

For those of you who don't really understand what Twinning is check this folder:…


  • The entry must include at least 1 character being turned into a copy of another

  • TG isn’t mandatory but is preferred.

  • The entry may take whatever form you wish. Pin-up, sequence, comic, story, caption and so on. If you can post it on dev its allowed.

  • The entry can be based on existing characters or use original ones.

  • Mental changes are required for the mental change categories. They are banned in the no-mental categories. Confusing I know.

  • You may create one entry for each of the four categories.

  • You may not edit an entry to include/remove mental changes in order to enter multiple categories with one altered piece.

  • All submissions should be created for this contest

  • Please avoid using photos of real people for entries, particularly written ones.

  • NSFW entries are allowed

  • Word limit on Written Entries is 4000

In your entry description, make sure to include which of the four categories the submission is intended for as well as the word count if it is a written entry. Also include a link to the Contest announcement journal.

Prize Structure:

Each category is essentially a miniature self-contained contest. The highest placing piece in each contest category will win $100. And the runner-up in each category will receive $50. So:

  • $100 for the highest placing written entry that includes mental change, $50 for the runner-up

  • $100 for the highest placing art entry that includes mental change, $50 for the runner-up

  • $100 for the highest placing written entry without mental change, $50 for the runner-up

  • $100 for the highest placing art entry without mental change, $50 for the runner-up

Judging Process:

Judges this time around will include:

  • The Sponsor: :iconbountyunter93:

  • The Host: :iconflashkill455:

  • The Mean Green Soup Alien: :iconcharoset:

  • The Heart of the Cards: :icondancingspartan:

All Pieces in each category will be judged in 3 elements

  • Ability: This will take into account your technical skill. For Visual entries this takes into account composition, anatomy, panel flow, colors, etc. Anything relevant to your piece’s look. For Written entries this will take into account grammar, vocabulary, pacing and anything else relevant to how it reads. 10 points total per judge.

  • Originality: How creative we feel your entry is. It doesn't need to be 100% brand new but if you use a common idea make sure to spice it up in your own way. 10 points total per judge.

  • Theme: How well your piece follows the theme of the contest. Trying to find loopholes in the contest theme or ignoring it entirely are usually the cause for low theme scores. 5 points total per judge.

Bonus Points
Bonus points will be awarded for the following
-2 points for some kind of journal, status post or other advertisement for the contest
-1 point each for constructive comments left on other entries. Up to a maximum of 3.
These take only a few minutes to do and cost people placings every time when they are ignored. Don’t forget about them!


What is TG?
TG generally means transgender. However the way we tend to use it around here usually means transformation involving gender. You may have seen it referred to as Genderswap, Feminization or Rule63. While it isn't mandatory for this contest it is appreciated.

What is TF?
TF stands for transformation. When used in this context It refers to the broad group of interests that involve something changing into something else. Genderswap, Twinning, Robotization, Bimbo, Corruption, Growth, Shrink, Inanimate, Hypnosis and so on. For this contest twinning is the only required transformation; all others are optional.

What is Twinning?
Twinning is essentially a form of transformation where one character becomes a copy of another. So Princess Peach turning Mario or Bowser into copies of herself would be twinning, turning them into just princesses would not. Twinning is not always 100% exact copies. Color palettes, hairstyles, outfits and other details can be different but the result should be two or more somewhat identical characters. Mental changes follow a similar logic.

How ‘complete’ does the twinning need to be?
This is up to you. Not all twinning results in 100% copies. However if you decide not to go that route beware of not going far enough.

How do you payout prizes?
Through Paypal or deviantart point equivalent if you prefer.

What do you think of my idea?
If you need to know if an idea will work with the rules of the contest feel free to ask but anything beyond that regarding judges’ opinion on your idea will not be given in the interest of fairness.

May I make multiple entries?
You may submit 1 entry to each of the four categories. They must be sufficiently unique from one another and not altered versions of each other.

What happens if I go over the word limit?
Your submission will be disqualified.

Why is there a word limit?
Reading 30+ entries that all make full use of the limit is tiring for all judges and takes a while. We are basically reading a novel or two’s worth of tg stories. It makes sure us judges don't go too insane.

How do I submit my entry?
Join my contest group :icontf-tg-contests: and then submit to the gallery titled ‘Twinning’

What if I have a mixed media piece including original art and text?
Submit it based on what you think the main part of the entry is. A comic page makes more sense to be submitted to art. A story with illustrations makes more sense for written.

If I make multiple entries do I also need to complete the bonuses multiple times?
The advertising bonus only needs to be completed once, so if you make a journal about the contest that will grant all of your entries 2 bonus points. The comment bonus must be done for each entry separately. So if you were to make an entry for all 4 categories you would need to comment on 12 entries to receive bonus points for all of them.

More Journal Entries












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charoset Featured By Owner 2 days ago

Alright enough of that. So Flash has been suspended, but the contest is still very much happening. We are currently trying to get me as a new admin for the group cause we currently can't accept entries into the gallery, but the good news is that due to this inconvenience, we are extending this contest til the end of May so that we can ensure everyone who makes an entry will get it sorted and read.

So don't worry. It's still on and despite the setback, we will be back in action ASAP, so keep working on your entries.
MentalCrash Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Oh my!

Mmm... Is there any news about when will the suspension expire? And if I may ask, what happened? What did they suspend him for?
charoset Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
I will note you the rest of the details, but his suspension ends on the 18th of May, so the contest has been extended to the end of May.
MentalCrash Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
That really is terrible news, I do hope he doesn't get re-suspended right after coming back :/
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leoryff Featured By Owner 2 days ago
So....  Flashkill got suspended.   I don't know how that might affect the current contest.  
charoset Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Don't worry, the contest is going as planned. We're just extending it to the end of May.
leoryff Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Good to know.  
MR-TG Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
If I'm able too can I submit a cation that I already made or does it need to be a whole new thing?
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student Writer
Has to be new.
how2101 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
When will the judging be done? It's taking a while. Or has it already been announced and I missed it? If so, please tell me where I can find the results!
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