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So as I slowly save up for the next contest I thought it might be neat to hold a little miniature contest now. All you have to do is list an idea you have for a contest below. After I feel all suggestions are done coming in Ill note you all for you to vote on which one is most intriguing to you. Then Ill announce the winner and they get $5. Whatever the winner is may be the next big contest or I may save it for a smaller scale contest somewhere in between.

Some guidelines for your suggestions:
-Only 1 per person
-TF must be a part of the idea in some way
-Dont fucking post any holidays I swear to Anubis
-Try not to be too vague or too complex, the best ideas fit somewhere in the middle
-Nothing that focuses on your OCs or other stuff only you would care about
-No specific fandoms

So yeah, go ahead and pitch some ideas so I dont have to try...

I'll also list my own ideas. I have more than one because this is my group, I can do what I want!
-"Now, Fight Your Rival!" - Involves any rivalry between any two characters (or other entities). Outcome is up to you.
-"This isn't even my Final Form!" - Involves a character with the power to transform using an unexpected transformation
-Cheat Codes, Should be obvious a cheat code that unlocks a transformation
-Masks. I like masks, I think mask TFs are hot.
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-The premise of this contest is to depict a Game Over scenario that involves TFTG (Transformation/Transgender). Essentially draw or write something that shows what happens if a character from a video game is defeated during the course of the game but with a transformation twist.

-The entry can take whatever form you wish Sequence, Comic, Pin-Up, Caption, Story, Origami; whatever you think best conveys the scene.

-The word limit for written entries is 3000.

-You may choose any game you want. We've all seen the ‘Mario becomes the princess’ bit, so try to do something less obvious. Any game means ANY game which allows for a lot of creativity. Popular games aren’t discouraged but try to do something we haven’t seen before.

-You can create your own original game if you would like.

-Mind that this is a ‘Game Over’ contest not a ‘Video game character gets TG’d’ contest. There should be some sort of reason your hero can’t continue on their mission.

-This is not strictly a TG contest, however as always TG is encouraged. That being said, points will not be taken off for excluding it. Some kind of transformation is required though.

-You have to change the game character not the person playing the game. No OCs dressed like game characters either. This rule can be somewhat overcome by choosing a game where you design your own character. In this case you can use an OC if you'd like. Please use common sense when designing the OC, they should look as if they fit the setting of the game.

-While you can choose licensed games based on things like Naruto or Marvel comics I would advise against it as it will likely hurt your theme score. If you do go ahead with it, I recommend making it clear that whatever happens takes place in a game not the source material. Set it in the Arkham games if you wanted to do something Batman related for example.

Prize Split:
1st Place: $150
2nd Place: $75
3rd place: $50
4th: $25

Have the following info in the description:
Game: The game you chose to use as a setting
Character changed: Names of any characters transformed
Method: How to get your Game Over
Word Count: If its a story list your final word count here. We will check it. Please check your word counts.
Description: Any info you think should go along with your entry. We do read the descriptions, don't neglect it.
Link to Contest Journal: just put a link to the original journal

We have our biggest panel of judges ever constructed.
:iconquarma::iconcharoset::icondancingspartan::iconthemightfenek::iconsortimid::iconmelkorios: and last and certainly least myself :iconflashkill455:

Scoring Categories
Pieces will be scored on the usual three categories, being graded out of a possible 10 points:
Art/Writing: This will take into account not just your abilities but things like composition, style, panel layout (if comic) and so on. Things like grammar, pacing, structure are the equivalents in a written piece.

Originality: This takes into account how creative your piece is. Has the idea been done before? What game did you choose? Remember you can also get high scores for original takes on common ideas.

Theme: This will take into account how your piece makes use of the theme. Is it integrated well? Did you try to use a loophole? Is your idea a good example of what this contest is about?

-Bonus points will be rewarded for 3 things
Advertise the contest in a journal or through some other method. (1 point)

Comment on someone else's submission. Some thought needs to be put into your comment more than just ‘I like it’ or ‘looks dumb’ They will all be found in the Contest folder (1 point per critique, Max of 4)

Depict some kind of aftermath of your game over. It can be another character’s reaction/transformation, a look into the hero’s new situation, how the world has changed, etc. This will not be graded, as long as the bonus piece satisfies the criteria you will receive 4 points.

If you do all three bonuses you will get 1 additional point


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how2101 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
When will the judging be done? It's taking a while. Or has it already been announced and I missed it? If so, please tell me where I can find the results!
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Student Writer
Its taking a while as it always does. A couple judges had issues on their ends. If everything goes according to plan it should be announced in the next week.
Seibara Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Withdrawing from the contest. I hope to try again next time, though!
greenflame456 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2017
Question: Can you replace one the game character with an OC?
flashkill455 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017  Student Writer
Only if the game has custom characters
greenflame456 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2017
Westenwurt Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hi, just wondering, do I have to be a member of this group to submit a submission for the "Game Over" contest, because I don't seem to be able to without being one?
Chimafan123 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Professional Writer
With any group you need to be a member unless someone requests it, if I recall.
So yeah, you need to be a member.
Westenwurt Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I sorta figured that out, but thank you!
TheEverything Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017
Minor question: If I write an epilogue for the "aftermath" bonus point, do I need to submit that to the gallery folder as well, or just put a link in the description of the actual submission?
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